What Is An Arranged Marriage?

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First of all, an arranged marriage should not be confused with a forced marriage; These are completely different situations. 

In many western marriages people conventionally meet each other by whatever means and after so long decide to get married. Whereas an arranged marriage happens when two people are brought together by their mutual peers, often friends, family, or colleagues who have decided between themselves that you and another person maybe a suitable match for each other. For example your boss at work who knows you very well may have come across a friend who's son or daughter is looking for marriage. And through conversation has decided there could be good compatibility between you and them.

Once a meeting of the two people has been arranged by their mutually connected peers they then take charge from here on. Deciding for themselves if they would like to continue meeting each other and then ultimately if they would like to marry.

Arrange marriages often can be more successful than conventional western type marriages as the decision to marry has been based upon reason and not lust. The compatibility of the two is strong and thus in time comes lust and love completing the marriage. In comparison to a typical western marriage, lust and love has rules over reason and thus the marriage can break down when the two decide they aren't quite compatible after all.

Also, when two people are brought together via this arranged method, they have had many different people look out for their best interests. Their family and friends are already in agreement of your compatibility which is a huge advantage to this kind of marriage.

From an Islamic perspective this kind of marriage is a lot more honorable due to the ruling of segregation between the sexes.

Hope that answers your question.

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An arranged marriage is when two person have a goal: they want to get married. Most of the time it is with a friend of family who knows your family already) and they both want to get married they dont know eachother necessarily (sometimes they get to know each other for few years but without doing haram things, like having sexual interaction and stuff.) just to know the personnality a little bit more. It is more like ''conventional way''. But it is not a forced marriage.
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