What Do Muslim Women Wear?

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There is no prescribed uniform for Muslim woman, lets get that out of the way.

Muslim women wear a variety of clothing that is often influenced by their own cultures & social norms. Western clothing for western muslim ladies & eastern for muslim ladies hailing from the east etc. Color & style is based on personal preferences. 

Regardless of the specific type of clothing, the common theme is modesty: covering the body in a way that is not form-fitting or revealing.

Modesty is expressed differently and is influenced by various factors, including the individual’s understanding of the religious text, cultural influences, and level of belief.

But you might commonly see women wearing the following 3 types of additional garments and wonder what those are, so I'll explain below:

AHijab: This is a headscarf worn by many Muslim women. The headscarf is mainly worn to cover the hair and neck.

The Abaya: A loose-fitting cloak worn over clothes (majority of the time in black), often paired with a headscarf. 

The Niqab: A veil that covers the face, leaving the eyes visible. It is worn by some Muslim women and is often paired with an abaya or another form of loose dress.

Some Muslim women choose to wear the headscarf along with modest clothing, while others might not wear the headscarf at all.

Hope my reply helps answer your question & betters your understanding.


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