Why Do Muslims Fast?

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How Long Do They Fast?
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Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan, and the duration of the fast spans from dawn to sunset each day. The specific timing of the fast is determined by the daily cycles of sunrise and sunset.

Muslims begin their fast with a pre-dawn meal called Suhoor, which is consumed before Fajr, the pre-dawn prayer. The actual fasting starts at dawn (Fajr) and continues until sunset (Maghrib). During this period, Muslims abstain from food, drink and certain other physical needs as an act of worship and self-discipline. The fast is broken at sunset with a meal called Iftar. Traditionally, Muslims break their fast with dates and water, following the example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The duration of the daily fast can vary based on geographical location and the time of year. In locations with longer daylight hours, such as during the summer months, fasting hours may be extended. Conversely, in regions with shorter daylight hours, such as during the winter months, fasting hours may be relatively shorter.

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