Do Muslims Believe in Satan? The Devil?

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Do they worship him? Do Muslims believe in the Devil?
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The Devil or Satan in Islam

Muslims believe that Satan does exist. 

Muslims refer to him by his by his Arabic name "Shaitan". Muslims believe that Satan is constantly trying to make them do evil actions and that he is constantly trying to make people disobey Gods commandments.

He is not human but rather from another one of Gods creation called Jinn’s in Arabic. Muslims believe that God has granted him respite till the end of time so he can mislead mankind. He is also believed to have been behind the ousting of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Despite the image attached above for decorative reasons only, Muslims do not have any known depictions or look of the Satan. There is no written text on how he visually looks.

Last but not least, No Muslims do not worship him.

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