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Jul 23, 2020 by Werasde
In some Islamic regions - Iran, Central Asia - people and animals were traditionally depicted in book miniatures illustrating famous poetic works or historical works. A striking example of this is the Persian miniature, on which you can see images of not only mere mortals, but even the Prophet Muhammad himself. Such miniatures were considered rather arbitrary in order not to contradict the ban on realistic images.

In Arab countries, where the ban on images was usually interpreted more strictly, calligraphy flourished mainly - calligraphic images adorn the walls of mosques and the pages of books. Nevertheless, a few illustrated Arabic manuscripts depicting living beings have come down to us.

As for photographs, most Muslim theologians allow to be photographed if necessary - for example, with a passport. There is no consensus about amateur photos, but even liberal spiritual authorities recommend keeping photos of family members in albums, and not keeping them in plain sight.
Jul 23, 2020 by Werasde
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